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Mother, Come, Teach Healthy Habits before Sleep to Children

Doing healthy habits before going to bed is necessary so that children have good quality and quantity of sleep. What healthy habits need to be built? Come, see the following explanation about a variety of healthy habits before bed that you can teach to children. Activities carried out before going to sleep will have an impact on the child's sleep patterns. Good sleep patterns will help the growth and development of children. During growth, children need more sleep, which is around 10-11 hours. Healthy habits before bed for your little one So that your little one sleeps better and he can grow healthily, Mother can teach him the following habits: 1. Pay attention to the time and type of food before going to bed A large meal too close to bedtime can make a child difficult to sleep and trigger disorders of the digestive tract, such as GERD. To prevent this, make it a habit to eat dinner no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. In addition, consider also the type of food provide
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Impact of Drug Interactions on Your Body

Drug interactions are changes in the effects of drugs when taken together with other drugs or with certain foods and drinks. To find out more about the types and effects of drug interactions, see the following review. Drug interactions can cause drugs to be less effective, increase drug content reactions, or cause unexpected side effects. In certain circumstances, the effects of drug interactions can even be life-threatening. Impact of Drug Interactions The following are the various effects of drug interactions based on the type of interaction: Drug interactions with drugs This interaction occurs when a person takes two or more drugs simultaneously. The more drugs consumed, the higher the risk of interactions that might occur. Drug interactions with drugs can reduce the ability of drugs to cure disease or increase the risk of side effects. For example, if you take two drugs that can cause drowsiness, you will tend to experience drowsiness twice. Drug interactions with food or

Don't Be Trivial, There Are Various Bad Effects of Shouting on Children

When angry at children, it is not uncommon for parents to shout to try to make them obedient. However, it is advisable to avoid doing that again, Mother and Father. Yelling at children is known to bring negative effects for your child. Yelling at children actually only makes parents tired and ineffective in helping to change children's behavior for the better. When Mother or Father screams, children obey only out of fear, so there is a possibility the child will repeat the same mistakes. Impact of Shouting on Children's Health The way parents communicate with children plays an important role in educating your child. It is not easy to raise children, not infrequently parents who feel frustrated, so it is easy to shout or say harshly to Little. However, there are some negative effects of communicating by shouting at children, including: Make the child's behavior worse If Mother and Father think that yelling at a child will make their behavior change for the better